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Analyzing Impact

The Human Impact Unit (Hu) is an innovative Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) analysis tool for evaluating and directly comparing diverse social benefits from carbon reduction to water reclamation, or poverty alleviation to habitat restoration. By demonstrating an expertise in Hu analysis, you can assist projects that go “beyond carbon” establish their market value, provide decision and policy makers appropriate return on investment (ROI) estimates, and attract the kind of support meaningful projects need for the chance to improve our communities. 

We would like you to demonstrate value at the Hu Valuation Summit.

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Project Rep


Hu Analysts



Policy Makers


Each project at the Summit will be presented by a panel of one facilitator, up to two company representatives, and two Hu analysts. By writing an analysis on a project, you will be able to:

  • Attend the Summit at no cost,

  • Have your work published in the Summit Proceedings, and

  • Be selected as an expert on the panel discussing your analysis of the project.


For more details, download our Guidance Document here, and register your interest in being an analyst below!

Want to demonstrate Hu expertise?

Thank you - we will be in touch soon to get you engaged!

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What will you receive as an analyst?

You may submit an analysis on every one of the twelve (12) project at the Summit for inclusion in the Proceedings, yet you will only be scheduled to speak on up to three panels. If you submit more than one analysis, please identify your order of speaking preference so the Summit organizers can attempt to best showcase all analysts’ strengths. By submitting your work as per this guidance, you will receive:

  • The opportunity for your name, profile picture, and link to your LinkedIn or professional online page added to the Summit website as an analyst associated with each project where you will be a panel member,

  • Up to seven minutes of prepared remarks discussing the project and your analysis of its Hu rating during each panel,

  • A copy of the Summit Proceedings that will include your work and a discount for purchasing additional copies through Amazon,

  • Free admission plus two complimentary passes for all three days of the Summit, and

  • One Hu t-shirt of your choice (e.g. Hu for CO2, Ag Runoff, or Food Recovery).

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Hu2024DSM Valuation Summit Agenda

Hu2024DSM is assembling a world renown lineup of innovations and innovators that will help demonstrate the power of truly direct, equitable ESG evaluation. These innovations - from startups to non-profits, collaborations to initiatives - will be equally divided between Environmental, Social, and Governance as color coded below. Please keep checking back for the latest updates on who is speaking or presenting this June!

Check out the full calendar here!

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How to Participate. If you would like your work featured at the Hu Valuation Summit, please follow these steps:

  1. Pick a project of interest to you. Submit an interest form at and identify the projects you would like to perform an analysis on listed in order from most interested in presenting on to least interested in presenting.

  2. Connect with the project contact to learn more. Once selected to perform an analysis, the organizing committee will introduce you to the company representative via email. Once connected, you may reach out directly to request information about their project and coordinate any questions that will aid in your analysis.

  3. Consult the guidance documentation for how to explore the Size of Problem. Once you understand the key performance indicators, metrics, or achievements demonstrated by the project, the area of greatest thought is on defining an appropriate Size of Problem estimate – an activity that can be aided by the guidance documentation provided at

  4. (Optional) Participate in a Hu Work Session with other analysts. The organizing committee is available to coordinate work sessions upon request with other analysists, where questions, ideas, and suggestions for improving either a specific work or the methodology in general can be explored. 

  5. (Optional) Submit your draft for comments or feedback through Sunday May 12, 2024. Experts Nicky Gillibrand and Dr. Chris Draper will be available to provide feedback on any draft received by Sunday May 12, 2024, with a target turnaround time of less than 48 hours.

  6. Submit final analysis by Sunday June 3, 2024. The analysis that you will be basing your presentation upon at the Hu Valuation Summit must be submitted by 11:59pm US Central time on June 3, 2024, so it can be made available in draft form for attendees to read at the conference. You may not present as part of the panel if your analysis is not submitted before this June 3rd deadline.

  7. Prepare a few remarks for your session. You will be one of two analysts provided up to 7 minutes each of prepared remarks as part of the panel at the Hu Valuation Summit. You will have the option of using PowerPoint slides as part of your prepared remarks if they are submitted by June 8, 2024.

  8. Approve the Proceedings proof for publication by Friday June 21, 2024. Timely access to the aggregate Hu Valuation Summit Proceedings is incredibly valuable, so any changes to the Proceedings proof must be incorporated before 11:59 US Central time on June 21, 2024.

The Summit endeavors to showcase the broadest field of Hu experts willing to provide quality contribution by limiting the scheduled number of panel sessions per analyst. If a scheduled panelist is unable to attend, the conference organizers will fill any openings with readily available analysts who have submitted additional analyses in accordance with the deadlines identified above.

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