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Valuation Summit

June 10-12, 2024 | Des Moines, IA

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Measuring ESG using carbon – which doesn’t even fully cover the “E” in ESG – is not sufficient.

Yet alternatives like the Human equivalency unit (Hu) have many aspects still to debate. Using Hu allows investors, policy makers, and society to directly compare the effectiveness of ESG investment. For example, using GHG reduction when comparing the values of food recovery efforts to solar panel installations misses the point: food rescue is about feeding hungry people. Using Hu as an evaluative measure facilitates a direct comparison between the unique aspects of each effort.


The Hu Valuation Summit brings together ESG startups, non-profits, and initiatives; impact and ESG investors; and analytical experts to debate the value versus investment potential for some of the most innovative ESG efforts from around the world – empowering informed investment in those with the greatest positive Human impact.


From roundtable project pitches to startup-investor “speed dating,” the Hu Valuation Summit is designed to maximize informed exposure to some of the biggest ESG opportunities for making truly impactful investments in our future.

Key Details:

  • 3 Days of Hu valuation roundtables

  • 3 Inspiring Keynote speakers

  • 12 investable ESG initiatives to evaluate

  • 32 hours of ESG investment-focused programming and skill building

  • 12 hours of facilitative 1-on-1, startup-investor engagement

  • Conference proceedings for publishing expert Hu evaluations

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How to Participate: 
Hu2024DSM provides opportunities for everyone from startups to Chief Sustainability Officers, institutional investors to academics around connecting and better understanding how to meaningfully invest in ESG.

Startups or Non-Profits: 

  • Apply to present, sharing an overview of your ESG impact

  • You will be paired with academics who will evaluate the Hu impact of your work

  • Present at a roundtable where your work, the Hu evaluation, and investor questions are discussed in a collaborative format

Academics or Analysts: 

  • Apply to evaluate the Hu impact of a startup or non-profit*
    Present and discuss your results in a roundtable format with the startup or non-profit you
    Get your work published in the conference proceedings and receive an honorarium for your work

Supporters or Sponsors: 

Hu2024DSM will be organized into three tracks – environmental, social, and governance – with advertising and sponsorship packages ranging from $100 to $100,000. These options include:

  • One Title Sponsor

  • Three Topic Keynote Sponsors

  • Nine Track Sponsors

  • 60+ specialty sponsorship opportunities

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Reserve your spot now
Secure your spot now - as an attendee, Sponsor, or Partner - using any of the payment links below. To craft custom engagement solutions, please contact Brian Ward.

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Set the tone for each Pitch Session by welcoming the startup, analysts, and participants; participating in the selection and presentation sequence of each startup or initiative, applying branding on session specific materials.

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Welcome the Environmental, Social, or Governance track participants each day and participate in selecting from possible session facilitators, including the selection of start-ups or initiatives in your track of Pitch Sessions. Branding to be applied on track-level Summit materials.

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Set the tone each day by welcoming all attendees and participants and participating in the Keynote Partner selection process. Branding will be applied to all Summit materials, including being listed in all external communication regarding the Summit.

Let us know you'll be in Des Moines this June!

Thank you - we will be in touch soon to get you engaged!

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