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International ESG Summit Hosted at World Food Prize Hall of Laureates this June 


Contact: Chris Draper, Local Chair

Phone: 515 210-0214


ESG RAC: Brian Ward

Phone: 415 244-0893



Hu Lead Author: Nicky Gilliabrand

Phone: +44 7588 355175



Des Moines - The Hu Valuation Summit, taking place at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates in Des Moines, Iowa from June 10-12, 2024, is bringing together international experts on the forefront of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment for working sessions on integrating the Human impact unit (Hu) into equitable ESG valuations. This groundbreaking event will feature three days of valuation work sessions, keynotes, and startup-investor engagement aimed at fostering informed investment in impactful ESG initiatives that go “beyond carbon.”


“It is beyond fitting to hold a summit on unlocking the potential of ESG investment in a venue watched over by Norman Borlaug’s statue,” comments Local Chair Chris Draper. “With nine out of twelve projects coming from all over the country, from San Francisco to Boston, Phoenix to Minneapolis, Palo Alto to Houston, it’s exciting to host them all here in Des Moines.”


The Hu Valuation Summit will see project advocates, analysts, investors, and policy makers apply the Human impact unit (Hu) valuation methodology to twelve innovative ESG efforts, with the twelve projects equally divided in focus between environment, social, and governance. This valuation effort will allow investors to more accurately price voluntary offsets for ESG projects that cannot economically earn carbon credits, unleashing a wave of investment into “beyond carbon” initiatives that some industry insiders believe is worth more than $7 Billion in the next five years.


The Human Impact Unit (Hu) is a “beyond carbon” market valuation solution that addresses inconsistency in ESG reporting by focusing on an initiative’s human impact. Introduced in a 2023 white paper by Nicky Gillibrand and Dr. Chris Draper as an initiative’s impact relative to the size of the problem it is addressing, the “Hu” (pronounced “hue”) brings greater equity and transparency to ESG and impact investing. Its ability to directly compare projects across different contexts - from carbon emissions, water quality, food insecurity, poverty reduction, soil health, to plastic reduction - offers a tangible pricing strategy for ESG initiatives, clarifying ROI options for investors and decision-makers.


“Serious issues in our state, like water quality or top soil erosion, need a new mechanism for driving the level of community investment that produces change,” says Draper. “This summit will help expand impact investing beyond carbon by putting human wellbeing at the heart of these investments.”


The three remaining project openings will be filled by March 31, 2024, with Iowa companies selected by the local planning committee.


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